About Us

Educa8cares Foundation is a non profit and charitable organisation committed to educational awareness and empowerment for youth and families in disadvantaged and rural communities. We believe that education is a major key to eradicate poverty.
Our foundation facilitates the provision of educational and humanitarian aids to various communities. We partner with schools and communities to provide programs and initiatives in Education, WASH, Humanitarian aids, Disaster/COVID Relief and Training programs.
Educa8Cares Foundation Partnership programs focuses on collaborations with local and international NGO’s, Ministries of Education, government agencies, corporations and churches to provide access of the aforementioned to various communities throughout Nigeria and other regions.

What We Do

Educational Programs and Assessments:

  • Career Exploration, Girls in STEM Project, College Readiness and  skills development .
  • Training .
  • Schools renovation Programs
  • School Empowerment Kits (school supplies) e.g books, bags uniforms and classroom furniture’s .

Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Relief and COVID-19 Programs:

  • Provide food ,sanitary relief and PPE equipment.
  • Hot Meal /Dry Food Pack Distribution
  • Clothing Distribution
  • Medical Aid Supply
  • Sanitary and Hygiene Packs
  • Community Health Services
  • Agricultural Development Projects

WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene):

  • For promotion and provision of clean and safe drinking water, proper sanitation and equipping schools and communities with hygiene stations.
  • Clean Water Initiatives
  • Period Poverty Programs
  • Sanitary Stations in Schools
  • Borehole Installation
  • Public Toilet/Sink Installations in schools and community centers

Training Programs

  • Student academic training programs
  • Student skill training programs


The global pandemic has put a strain on economies worldwide, resulting in businesses and corporations closing, massive layoffs, and families struggling to find their next meal. Hunger is an urgent issue in the communities that we serve, so we are compelled to help our brothers and sisters who are in need during this crisis. Every day millions of families suffer due to a lack of food and sustainable access to water sanitation and hygiene. Educa8cares Foundation strives to assist and support families and communities in need during this difficult times.